54 Women, 54STORIES



Yolz Beauty is a black female-owned skin & beauty brand founded by a South African social media influencer Yolenda Jawe, famously known as Yolz.

The brand incorporates nature’s natural gifts in the ingredients to enhance the health and radiance of African skin.  It launched August 14th 2020 with sheet masks as their first product. The sheet masks are scientifically formulated and tested and are made from high quality biodegradable bamboo sheet. This shows                                                   that the brand is eco-friendly . 
Yolz Beauty is founded on the belief that we all deserve healthy, glowing skin and is proudly developed in South Africa.
(Photo courtesy of www.yolzbeauty.com)


Qasil Beauty(Q-BEAUTY) is a Kenyan women-owned skincare brand that has been formulated to perfection by the founders Zahra Hassan and Faduma Abdi.
The two ladies are professional skincare formulators and Cosmetic chemist. 
The brand aims to create products with all natural ingredients to comfortably illuminate your beauty and not mask it.  Some of the products are; Aloe Black Soap Supple cleaning potion,Restorative Essence Toner,Intensive Repair Serum,Instant Radiance Exfoliating mask,Bridal Body scrub.

(Photo courtesy of @q-beauty.co on Instagram)


By Earth is a homemade skin care brand inspired by the earths beautiful ingredients. The beauty of this brand is the uniqueness it carries. 

It was launched September 1st 2019 by Sylvia Polini, a Kenyan woman.It is well known for its Shea Butter body creams that have been infused by organic oils.
The brand recently launched a foot care line that has Peppermint foot sock and foot cream that is simply amazing.

(photo courtesy of @byearth.ke on instagram)



Violet Amoabeng is the brains behind Skin Gourmet, a Ghanaian handmade raw skincare brand. 
She founded it 6 years ago (9th October 2014) with the need of creating the rawest, purest and wildest products with ingredients sourced from the heart of West Africa.

The beauty of this brand is that all the products are edible as they are made without any artificial additives. Raw, Pure, Wild.

(Photo courtesy of www.skingourmet.com)


When you think of nature, you think of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feeling. Eunice Moraa Maranya, founder of Blends of nature was inspired to build her brand in 2017 through the  travelling to various parts in Kenya. With this, she was inspired by the different cultures of people around that enabled her to understand what products would fit everyone.

In the years, Blends of Nature has invested and established credible supply chain partners and networks around the continent from which they source raw materials for the formulation of their products. Some of the products are; Day and night facial serums,essential oils,body butters/oils and body scrubs. 

(Photo courtesy of @blendsofnature on instagram.)