Working from home can be hard for anybody and this era of social distancing isn’t making it easier. Most companies right now require most of their staff to work effectively from home due to the covid-19 outbreak. This can be hard for people who are not used to working from home due to various distractions like; loud neighbors, children, pets, a loud spouse, chores, TV, the internet and so much more. In order to work efficiently from home and actually get things done, one needs discipline, here are 5 ways that can help you beat your work schedule.


As much as you are working from home, make sure you clock into work the same time you did before the pandemic. If you clocked in at 8:00am, went for lunch break at 1:00pm and clocked out at 5:00pm, do the same. Do not start working anytime you want because, this will interfere with your work and home schedule. Take needed breaks as well to clear your mind. Don’t forget to take a cup of coffee or take tea to kick start your day.


Creating a work space for yourself will help you transition smoothly from working at the office with your colleagues to working at home, alone. Working from the bed every day is not working, the bed is designed for sleeping and not working. A work station will help you distinguish between work time and home time. You don’t need a whole room to act as your office, find a place at a corner in your house, put a desk, decorate it with a simple frame, planner, pen holder and maybe an artificial plant or a candle and you are good to go. You can also just use your dining table.


As you work from home, you need to groom yourself daily, as if you are going to an actual office. Wake up early in the morning, do a work out, take a shower, dress up but down, have breakfast and clock in. Grooming helps one feel better about themselves as well as helps one to look forward to what the day has to offer. If you are a lady, put on some earrings, a bra and splash some perfume on your skin. Trust me! This changes everything! The men can simply comb their hair, dress in casual clothes, a bit of cologne and that’s it!



If you don’t live alone, you will have to make it clear to your housemates that, your office is out of bound and discourage interruption during working hours. If you have a child, ask for help from whomever you are living with to take care of the baby while you are at work, you can also explain to your child that “Mummy or Daddy is working and needs their space.” Creating boundaries curbs disruptions and this will help you work efficiently.


Once work is done, tidy up your work desk in preparation for work tomorrow. Put away all your electronic devices, get off social media for a while, have some me-time, go for a walk by yourself or with your spouse, pet or child, put some music on and take a breather. Eat well and enjoy an episode or two as you relax, this is for your sanity. During this uncertain times, we need to keep our mental health in check as well as that of others, take some time off and do that, check on your friends too.