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When did you start WAPI?

I started WAPI 2 years ago.

Why did you start WAPI?

I discovered a wealth of amazing brands, artisans and initiatives as well as a melting pot of cultures but I felt that many of these brands and initiatives relied on word of mouth for any visibility and that the different communities I met seemed to each know different places with not much cross over. I love playing to Hide and seek but did not find it super convenient

I decided to do something about this, bring information about the wealth of artisans and initiatives that exist, for people to access to it one click away. So the WAPI? Idea was born.

How did it start?
It started by designing a website and an app that enables people to discover new places, news brands, new initiatives as well as the people behind those brands and initiatives as well as their inspiring stories.

What is your ambition for WAPI?
My ambition is for WAPI? to allow people to discover all the hidden treasures in their city and, somehow, bring people together.
In another words, to create the WAPI? Community.I would like everyone to be able to get a small glimpse of the brands referenced in WAPI? on their doorsteps, which is why we developed the WAPI? Box concept, getting a selection of products delivered to you, straight to your doorstep. 

How can one get the WAPI box?

If you want to treat yourself or a friend, you can get the WAPI box by subscribing either through our website or ur App, at a small fee of not more than ksh.2800 per month.

What does the WAPI box compose of?

Each month, our team puts together the WAPI? Box by  choosing special products, services, and promotions for you to discover.
Products vary from box to box and includes cosmetics, arts and crafts, jewelry, books, fair-trade, organic products, as well as vouchers and special promotion offers, amongst others.

I read somewhere that the WAPI BOX is a surprise box,
Yes it is!
We want to keep the element of surprise and discovery so the content of the WAPI? Box remains a surprise until you receive it !
However, we also came up with new thematic set boxes: The Baby box, the men box, the Beauty box, the Bride to be box. A box for every occasion.

How many people make the WAPI team?

We are currently 3.

How many brands have you worked with at the moment?

Currently we are working with about 100 brands and artisans.

How else do you help this brands?

By sharing the inspiring and unique stories behind each brand, we want to inform consumers, raise awareness about the impact of their daily choices. Doing so, we help our brands and artisans reach a different market.

What are the challenges you have faced so far with WAPI?

I have experienced several challenges but this two are the most striking ones; it is very challenging to find unique entrepreneurs as one has to dig very deep, and financial management is certainly the second biggest one, I had to really get to understand the market.It is hard to find a Creative person who has the figures on their tips.

What has WAPI taught you?

Patience is a virtue that WAPI? has taught me and this circles around dealing with clients as well as different brands through training and through seeking unique brands. WAPI? has also taught me to appreciate diversity as each and every day, I get to meet beautiful entrepreneurs who inspire me with their stories.

Is WAPI? your only job?

No, I am also a communication consultant.

In your opinion, what is the future of subscription box companies in Kenya?

The future is bright as most people are becoming more open minded to the idea. And everyone like surprises isn’t it?

Where do you see WAPI in the next years?

In the next years, I hope we’ll bring WAPI? Beyond Kenya’s borders to show to the world the Best of what Kenya has to offer.

 Visit WAPI?
Website www.wapikenya.com
Instagram @wapiseekunique